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Formerly known as WOMEN TAKE CHARGE, Janet Goliger and Amy Bond of New York's ONNA MUSHA have teamed up to jointly offer the same women's self-defense program on both East and West Coasts.

More information about each division can be found at ONNA MUSHA

ONNA MUSHA is offered through The C.L.A.S.S. Self-Defense program and focuses on teaching self-confidence and self-defense techniques to women. It provides self-empowerment, knowing how and when to be prepared and verbal and physical self-defense approaches.

Why should you participate in a women's self-defense class?

Statistics The following statistics were gathered from the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Statistics. For more information, please go to: http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/cvict.htm.

In 2005 for every 1,000 persons age 12 or older, there occurred

  • 1 rape or sexual assault
  • 1 assault with injury
  • 3 robberies
  • Victim/offender relationship Males were more likely to be violently victimized by a stranger than a non-stranger, and females were more likely to be victimized by a friend, an acquaintance, or an intimate.

    During 2005 -

  • About seven in ten female rape or sexual assault victims stated the offender was an intimate, other relative, a friend or an acquaintance.
  • Seventy-four percent of males and 48% of females stated the individual(s) who robbed them was a stranger.
  • Time of occurrence

    In 2005 -

  • 53% of incidents of violent crime occurred during the day between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • Almost two-thirds of the rapes/sexual assaults occurred at night from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • Weapon use In 26% of the incidents of violent crime, a weapon was present. Offenders had or used a weapon in 55% of all robberies, compared with 7% of all rapes/sexual assaults in 2001. Homicides are most often committed with guns, especially handguns. In 2000, 52% of homicides were committed with handguns, 19% with other guns, 14% with knives, 5% with blunt objects, and 10% with other weapons.

    Place of occurrence

    In 2005 -

  • The location of about a quarter of incidents of violent crime was at or near the victim's home. Among common locales for violent crimes were on streets other than those near the victim's home (19%), at school (12%), or at a commercial establishment (8%).
  • For violent crime, about half occurred within a mile from home and 76% within five miles. Only 4% of victims of violent crime reported that the crime took place more than fifty miles from their home.
  • Of victims of violent crime, 22% were involved in some form of leisure activity away from home at the time of their victimization, 22% said they were at home, and another 20% mentioned they were at work or traveling to or from work when the crime occurred.

  • Group Seminars

    ONNA MUSHA self-defense seminars are open to all women ages 16 and over. Participants should wear loose, comfortable clothing, as they will be practicing the self-defense techniques with a partner.

    Participants will learn verbal and physical self-defense techniques and receive a written handout of the self-defense techniques that were taught in the seminar and additional safety tip sheets. Seminars usually run for 2 hours depending upon the number of participants. Women only.

    Seminars are conducted at your home or at the C.L.A.S.S. Self-Defense site with a minimum of 6 participants. Cost: $55 per person.

    Private and Semi-Private lessons available:

    $75 per hour. You can also get a 3-lesson package for $200 (11% off) or a 5-lesson package for $330 (12% off).

    Semi-Private lessons (2-3 people) $68 per person per hour. 3-lesson semi-private package is $185 per person. 5-lesson semi-private package is $310 per person.

    Also available at your home or at the C.L.A.S.S. Self-Defense site.

    C.L.A.S.S. Self-Defense is located at:

    16815 Gault Street, Lake Balboa, CA 91406

    Corporate Programs

    Corporate programs are available at your business site.

    Women's and Men's 2-hour self-defense classes are taught separately.

    Corporate rates:

  • 1-5 participants - $300
  • 6-10 participants = $600
  • 11-15 participants = $850
  • 16-20 participants = $1100
  • More than 20 participants, please call for rates.

    ONNA MUSHA self-defense programs are available evenings and weekends in the Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange counties of California.

    Janet is also available as a guest speaker for women's clubs and associations.

    If you would like to schedule a seminar or speaking engagement, or need additional information, please send an email with your name, contact information, and where you would like to have your event.

    -Self-Defense is all about awareness and attitude

    -Being mentally and physically prepared can increase your options and can lead to a successful escape from danger

    -All programs are taught by Janet Goliger, 2nd degree black belt and credentialed teacher

    A valuable self-defense class is one that offers "a set of awareness, assertiveness, verbal confrontation skills with safety strategies and physical techniques that enables someone to successfully escape, resist, and survive violent attacks."

    Here is an excellent link for women traveling. It includes safety tips for international travel in addition to other important advice and information for the woman traveler.

    FemaleTraveller.co.uk: Great advice for women who want to travel in safety either alone or accompanied.

    For more information, please contact C.L.A.S.S. using the link below or call 818-990-9909.

    C.L.A.S.S. Self-Defense

    16815 Gault Street, Lake Balboa, CA 91406


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